Custom Stuffed Animals of Book Characters

Bring your unique book characters to huggable life by turning them into plush dolls for you and your fans to cherish! 

  • 100% Unique - Made to order, customized to look like characters from your book. 
  • Huggable - Super cuddly, lovable versions of your favorite storybook characters.
  • Detailed - Plushies made at scale with attention to detail, down to the unique features and aesthetic styles of your characters.

Get a 100% custom designed stuffed animal. Embroidery, screen print, and sublimation options available.

No Minimums

We can handle anything from 1 to 10,000+. We'll support and scale with you as your needs grow. 

Truly Custom

We create a one-of-a-kind custom stuffed animal from your original character.

#1 in Service

Your personal project manager ensures your plush is designed to your specs and delivered on time.

Turn Your Children's Book Character into a Custom Plush Doll

Bulk Book Character Stuffed Animal
Author: A.R. Morris

Children form strong bonds with characters from books they love. They spend countless hours getting lost in their world and end up creating a cherished friendship built on comfort and familiarity. 

Now, you can give kids a way to connect even more deeply with your book characters by turning them into huggable plush dolls. 

Bring Your Book Character to Life

Favorite Book Character Comes to Life Stuffed Animal
Mother Earth Plush Promotes the Book she Stars in: Sleepy Solar System

Making a custom plush to sell alongside each of your children's books is such a great way to differentiate your story. Whether you want one plushie to show off at a display, or a bulk order to bring an interactive experience to each child, we have you covered.

If you're just looking to order 1 stuffed animal of your book character, please visit our sister company

Favorite Book Character Comes to Life Stuffed Animal
Mother Earth Plush Promotes the Book she Stars in: Sleepy Solar System
Bring Your Favorite Character To Life
Captain Deadeye Advocates Anti-Bullying in his Book Series

Your Readers Will Love Them

Bring Your Favorite Character To Life
Captain Deadeye Advocates Anti-Bullying in his Book Series

There is no greater feeling than seeing your readers connect with your story and the characters within. Creating a storybook and stuffed animal set will take that connection to a whole new level. Considering how much kiddos love stuffed animals, it'll definitely set your book a part from the rest and will earn you raving fans for life! 

Book Character Spotlight

Plush Mebo Learns How To Fly!

Mebo the Blue Panda Book Character

Mebo, the blue panda is a determined little chap from the himalayas. Who, after escaping the city zoo, eating heaps of blueberry slurpees and spending endless hours lounging in backyard hammocks while watching the butterflies, birds and balloons in the sky, decides he simply must learn how to fly. In Agatha Bobblesbee’s endearing read-to-me bedtime story, "Learning To Fly”, Mebo (with a little help from the moon) learns to soar through the night time skies.

Mebo the Blue Panda Book Character
Book Bulk Order

And Now Thanks To Stuffed Animal Pros, Fiesty Little Mebo Is Free to Roam The Real World Skies!

Book Bulk Order

In the fall of 2017, author and conservationist Agatha Bobblesbee asked the Stuffed Animal Pros team to help her “release" her blue panda friend Mebo from his 2-D book world, into the real world. The Stuffed Animal Pros plush engineers answered the call with this adorable plush Mebo bear. Super soft and just the right size to hug and hold at night. Many thanks to our friends at Stuffed Animal Pros for all their design expertise in the making of plush Mebo!

You can read more about Mebo in his charming bedtime story, “Learning To Fly”, and of course, you can get your very own Stuffed Animal Pros-made plush Mebo at Sophie’s Tale.

Testimonials & Reviews


"I was so excited to find the link to the Stuffed Animal Pros website, as a result of my online search for someone to reproduce a doll that is featured in one of my children's books. The doll has some unique features - and it was important to me that these details would remain in the finished product.  

It was a pleasure communicating with the Stuffed Animal Pros team. They listened to me and understood my requests. And as a result, I was delighted with the the final product. I placed a bulk order which arrived quickly, inspite of the intricate detail and large quantity. 

The Hugamasqueak looks just like his original illustration, right down to his body fringe and dangly legs."

-Marilyn Horst
Book Author

"I was so excited to get my little Pinkys in the mail! They look just like the stuffed dog in my story book, Pinky, and the Magical Secret He Kept Inside. 

They are indeed plush! Perfect in every way. I couldn’t be happier with Budgies and the great, patient help I received from Lauren, the Project Manager. Now all the kids want one!" 

-Kasey J. Claytor
Book Author


"Timothy dragon is the co-star of my children's books entitled 'The Tale of the Precious Knights.' Timothy and his 20 family members all had numbers sewn onto their wings to make them part of a limited edition.

Here they are before being sent to their new owners. They are delightful, well made and the kids are entranced. Good job, Stuffed Animal Pros!"
-Valerie Crowe
Book Author
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