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Design your own stuffed animals to sell at your upcoming event, show or party!

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Get a 100% custom designed stuffed animal.

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Custom made from your designs. Embroidery, screenprint, and sublimation options available.

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ponycon event stuffed animal

Ponycon Plush

ponycon event stuffed animal

The designer of this plush has hosted a convention affectionately called “Ponycon” in Long Branch, New Jersey for the past 5 years. Ponycon “brings the My Little Pony fan community together to celebrate the philosophy of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

Last year, he decided he wanted something special that he could offer pony fans from across the country at his annual convention. And with the help of Stuffed Animal Pros, Keith was able to design and bring “Mirage” to life in plush form!

Mirage is an adorable pony character, known for her beautiful purple and pink colors and her starring role in many of Keith’s comics. It’s safe to say fans couldn’t have been more excited when they saw a precious plush representation available for sale at Ponycon!

Happy Cupcake - Corporation Mascot

happy cupcake stuffed animal

Google Inc. is another one of the many huge corporations we have had the privilege of doing business with! And when it comes to plush designs, it just doesn’t get more precious than this little guy.

This super cute pink-and-blue cupcake design was drawn up over at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California! From there, Google shot the image over to us here at Stuffed Animal Pros., with the goal of bringing the design to life in plushie form.

Their stuffed cupcake representation came out pretty sweet and will make its’ debut during one of their upcoming special events!

happy cupcake stuffed animal

Testimonials & Reviews

monsterdog custom bulk plush stuffed animal

"We love our order of Komainus! The team at Stuffed Animal Pros were very thorough throughout all stages of the plushie making process. We were able to fine tune the creature, in a very timely, and professional manner. We are so proud to show off our new favorite plushie at San Diego Comic-Con which was approved as an exclusive. Thank you Stuffed Animal Pros! Looking forward to making more plushies with you in the future! Check out us at SDCC booth N05!"-Stephanie Alia  05/08/2019

"As a young creator and by that I mean someone who is new to making things, to have an idea on paper and then to make an actual thing is a wonderful, joyous process that is full of learning. Stuffed Animal Pros helped bring Dodo Bird to life from webcomic to a cuddly plush. What a SUCCESS! The plush creation process was smooth, easy and fun. Thank you guys so much!"

-Cory Peticolas


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