Shipping & Freight

We ship both domestically and internationally. We have created bulk orders for folks all over the world from Poland and Germany to England and even Australia! Shipping costs cover the actual postage fee we pay to our carrier companies. As stated in our Bulk Order Agreement, national and/or local government duties, taxes tariffs or fees are excluded and must be paid by the customer upon delivery. This is because each country has its own tax codes and these codes are constantly changing. It would be impossible for us to accurately keep up with all the taxes worldwide (we have shipped to 70+ countries around the world)! You can learn more about each countries laws and tax codes at .We normally ship by air. On domestic orders, you should generally expect to receive your bulk order within  7-10 business days. International shipping can take a little longer, usually 10-14 business days depending on your country’s customs policies and procedures. If you are not in a rush to receive your order and would like to save a little bit of money, we can offer to ship your order by sea. You must have 1,000+ pieces in your order and they must be 8” or larger in order to qualify for shipment by sea. Although shipping by sea would allow us to reduce the cost per piece slightly, it will add an additional 40-50 days just for delivery after your order has been completed.