Production Timelines

So you are interested in having a bulk order made of your small business or corporate icon? Or maybe a stuffed replica of a character from your new book series? How about your university or school sports team mascot? No matter the size of your project, we can handle it!

Generally speaking, our estimated bulk production turnaround times can be found below:

  • 50 pieces: 30-45 days

  • 50-250 pieces: 45-60 days

  • 500+ pieces: 60-75 days

We can assure you our designers go above and beyond to get your sample and bulk orders in your hands as quickly as possible. We understand how important your project is to you - and we want you to know that it’s important to us too! As you can imagine, the process involved in creating personalized, custom bulk plushies is quite labor intensive. We want all our customers to be completely satisfied with their sample orders so that they feel completely comfortable moving into bulk production with us, and it’s reflected in our designers unparalleled attention to detail. Before we can get started creating a bulk order for  you, we require a sample order be placed of each design you are looking to have produced in bulk. This goes back to our number one priority being complete customer satisfaction. A sample order allows our design team to bring your mascot or character to life as a single piece. Each sample order includes a complimentary Sneak Peek, which means we will send you images of your sample order via e-mail as soon as it wraps up production! You will be able to view your sample and request any minor modifications or changes you see fit so our designers can help craft your plush design to perfection. This insures you are completely satisfied with your preliminary sample before we move into mass production. Our sample process takes approximately 4 weeks from the time you place your sample order to the time we send over your initial Sneak Peek images! Now your sample has wrapped up production, you have received your Sneak Peek images and you LOVE your sample order! Great! You are probably wondering, what’s next? You have two options to approve your sample order. The most cost effective option would be approving your sample order directly online. Our designers will hold on to your sample order and begin bulk production immediately. This cuts down on time significantly! Since we are keeping your sample here, we will even take the cost you have already paid for that sample and apply it to your overall total. How cool is that? Of course, we understand some people want to see and feel the sample in person before moving into bulk production. That’s totally fine! Our designers will put your sample through a final round of quality inspection and get it shipped out to you ASAP! Please note, our design team must duplicate your sample before we can ship it out. This can take a little bit longer but is required so that we have a sample order on hand when you decide you are ready to move into bulk production. Either way, once your sample has been approved and you are ready to move into bulk production, we will send you over an invoice via PayPal to collect the first half of the payment on your bulk order. You will find a copy of our Bulk Order Agreement attached to this invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will have our designers get started on bulk production. You will receive an additional invoice via PayPal to collect the second half of the payment a week before your bulk order is scheduled to be shipped out. Once paid, we will arrange to have your bulk order shipped out to you! As with any custom product, our production time can vary based. Once we receive your bulk order, we will be able to give you a more accurate idea on production time and an estimated delivery date. Production time is determined by several factors including number of pieces ordered, size of the pieces in the order and current availability of fabrics and other materials needed to complete the order.