Production Timelines

We understand your projects are important to you! They are super important to us too and we strive to meet your deadlines. However, estimated production time can vary slightly based on availability of fabrics and material, as well as the complexity of the design.

These estimates are based on our averages, you'll receive a more precise estimate once we start working on your sample order. At that time, we’ll have a better idea of how long it will take to get certain fabrics in and the length of time needed for the actual production of your particular order.

Please note: estimated production times on bulk orders are in addition to the estimated production time on your sample order.

Sample Order Production Timelines

These estimates are when our team should have initial photos available for you to see. Please note, customer revisions could add to the timeline. Here are helpful tips to help you streamline the sample order process to make it as quick as possible!

Stuffed Animal Samples: 6-8 weeks

Pillow Samples: 1-2 weeks

Keychains Samples : 1-3 weeks (depending on the keychain style)

Bulk Order Production Timelines

Once the sample is approved, these are the average production times for the full bulk order (non-peak times of the year):

Stuffed Animals Bulk Order: 30-75 days (depending on quantity)

  • 50-99 pieces - 60-75 days

  • 100-250 pieces - 40-60 days

  • 250-1999 pieces - 35-55 days

  • 2000+ pieces - 30-45 days

Pillow Bulk Order: 3-6 weeks (depending on quantity)

Keychain Bulk Order: 2-3 weeks (depending on style and quantity)

The Bulk Order Process

Bulk order process

STEP 1: Order Sample. Before we can get started creating a bulk order for you, we require a sample order to be placed for each design you are looking to produce in bulk. This goes back to our number one priority being complete customer satisfaction. Each sample order includes a complimentary Sneak Peek, which means we will send you images of your sample order via e-mail as soon as it is done. You will be able to view your sample and request any minor modifications or changes you see fit. This ensures you are completely satisfied with your preliminary sample before we move into mass production.

STEP 2: Sample Order Approval. Once your sample is done, you have two options to approve your sample order. The most time and cost-effective option would be to approve your sample order directly online via the photos our team sends you. Our designers will hold on to your sample order and begin bulk production immediately. This cuts down on time significantly! We will also give you a $150 credit towards your bulk order if you approve via photos. Of course, we understand some people want to see and feel the sample in person before moving into bulk production. That’s totally fine! Our designers will put your sample through a final round of quality inspection and get it shipped out to you ASAP! Please note, that our design team must duplicate your sample before we can ship it out. This adds a little time but is required so that we have a sample order on hand when you decide you are ready to move into bulk production.

STEP 3: Invoice : Once your sample has been approved and you are ready to move into bulk production, we will send you an invoice. You must pay at least 50% of your invoice before our team is able to start production. You will find a copy of our Bulk Order Agreement attached to this invoice.

STEP 4: Bulk Production and Final Payment. Once the invoice is paid, we will have our designers get started on bulk production. Our team will collect the second half of the payment a week before your bulk order is scheduled to be shipped out.

Step 5: Bulk Order Shipped! Once the full invoice is paid, including shipment, we will arrange to have your bulk order shipped out to you!

We know this is a lot to digest. Don't worry! Your project manager will talk you through all of this and will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and help you feel comfortable.