Stuffed Animal Pros Testimonials & Reviews

You name it, we’ve done it! Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with small businesses, universities, sports teams, book authors and even large corporations like and Oculus VR! All of our bulk orders are custom made to be as unique as the brands they represent and many have very special stories behind them.

Customer satisfaction is and always will be our number one priority and we take great pride in each and every bulk order that passes through our doors—no matter the size. We hope to create a bulk order for you soon! If you are still on the fence, please take a couple of minutes to check out our reviews submitted by past bulk order customers around the world.

Owlchemy Labs (a Google Co.)

"We were so excited to receive our order of Owlbert Einstein plushies and give them to our team here! We just wanted to cry when we opened the box... The plushies are so beautiful. Thank you Lauren and Stuffed Animal Pros for all of your hard work on our adorable Owlberts! They are precious!"

-Alison Griggs
Office Operations & Builder of Actual Realities
Owlchemy Labs, owned by Google


"Thank you to everyone from the Bulk Project Manager Lauren, to the Design Team - who patiently walked me through the Stuffed Animal Pros experience. 

I can say it is magical from start to finish. Each step is explained clearly and they deliver the concept you bring to the table. This is hopefully the start of an amazing journey for my company. 

Stuffed Animal Pros is the best place you could want to take on a project like this and produce a timely, well made plushie. If you are thinking about it, send them an email. You won't be disappointed."

-Kirsten Spargo
Owner of LittleBritArt


"We will be seeing our Zen Dogs on Saturday night for the first time! We are all super excited to be able to finally view them after all the hard work Lauren and the rest of your team has put in. We will definitely be sending you pictures, lots of them, as the week progresses.

Thank you for all you did to make sure we met our deadline and came up with a design that was really cool. It is greatly appreciated and if you knew how mental my last few months have been, you'll know how I have valued that we could rely on you to get this done on time." 

-Gareth Beesley
ZenContract CEO


"We recently rebranded our national service sorority using the image of a bee. The bee has historical significance in the founding of our organization and signifies the service-oriented mindsest of our members. While current and bubbly, the new abstract bee logo provides a soft but professional identity for Omega Phi Alpha.

We looked to Stuffed Animal Pros to produce a plush bee to acknowledge our volunterrs. Working with Stuffed Animal Pros was very simple. Our Project Manager Lauren was very responsive and reassuring every step of the way, especially since we were unsure of how the process would work. We reviewed sketches and samples of the bee in progress and could easily revise or update if needed - but the design was right-on from the start!

Now we can offer our members a wonderful memento of the organization, thanks to Stuffed Animal Pros."

-Thea Moritz
Omega Phi Alpha Sorority


"I am a YouTuber who has a special passion for connecting with my audience, which mainly consists of younger viewers.

I make videos featuring a green, square cat, which seemed like the perfect candidate for a plushie! After doing some searching I came across Stuffed Animal Pros and decided they were the best company to work with!

My plushies were fantastic; the first order of 100 sold out in only 36 hours and gave me a wonderful opportunity to handwrite notes to my fans & place smiles on their faces.

Having plushies made of my own character and sharing them with dedicated viewers has been a wonderful experience!"


"Our plush cats have been a huge hit for our students and us! It's my son's favorite toy at the moment! Our students love that they are so soft, cuddly, and a cute reminder to keep them focused on their studies at hand so they, too, can be a doctor like Dr. Cat one day! 

Check out some of our favorite images below. We've had plush Dr. Cats all over the world!"

-Marteney Jacobs
Marketing and Social Media


"Our college band has a very special mascot (an 8-foot-tall bass drum named Bertha) that we wanted to make into a stuffed animal for our 100th Renuion.

We approached Stuffed Animal Pros with the idea and they were super happy to help! We ended up ordering 100 mini Berthas, but when we unveiled them to our alumni, they were so popular that we had to order 150 more!

Our contact, Lauren, was super receptive to feedback on the design and worked with us throughout the whole process.

We couldn't be happier with the process and the result."

-The Harvard University Band


"Stuffed Animal Pros came to our rescue right away when we were first looking for a company that would be able to create a custom plushie. Many companies only offered the choice of producing 1, or 500, but with Stuffed Animal Pros we were able to get the exact number we needed (in our case, 50).

They were so helpful with any questions we had and kept us updated throughout the production process. After seeing sample images they allowed time for any small adjustments we wanted to see and they were quick on implementing these changes. Our design was not a simple straightforward design, but they were able to pull off all of the details.

You can tell that they really do want to create the perfect plushie that you envision, and they are willing to ask the questions needed to make it happen. Our plushie looked great in the sample photo that was sent to us, but seeing them in person exceeded our expectations even more. Would very highly recommend!"

-Ford Riley
Ford Riley Productions

"As a young creator and by that I mean someone who is new to making things, to have an idea on paper and then to make an actual thing is a wonderful, joyous process that is full of learning. Stuffed Animal Pros helped bring Dodo Bird to life from webcomic to a cuddly plush. What a SUCCESS! The plush creation process was smooth, easy and fun. Thank you guys so much!"

-Cory Peticolas

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