Stuffed Animal Pros Testimonials & Reviews

You name it, we’ve done it! Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with small businesses, universities, sports teams, book authors, and even large corporations like, Duke's Mayo, Chick-fil-A, and Oculus VR!

Why work with the Stuffed Animal Pros team?

Because we truly do care and it shows in our communication and our final product. All of our bulk orders are custom-made to be as unique as the brands they represent and many have very special stories behind them.

Customer satisfaction is and always will be our number one priority and we take great pride in each and every bulk order that passes through our doors—no matter the size. We hope to create a bulk order for you soon! If you are still on the fence, please take a couple of minutes to check out our reviews submitted by past bulk order customers around the world.


google mascot stuffed animals
"We had a fantastic experience working with Lauren to create our lovely new stuffed animals. Though... read more

Little Brit Art

Uno the unicorn stuffed animal
"Thank you to everyone from the Bulk Project Manager Lauren, to the Design Team - who patiently walked... read more


zen dog mascot stuffed animals
"We will be seeing our Zen Dogs on Saturday night for the first time! We are all super excited to be... read more

Dodo Bird Review

stuffed animals

Custom Character Review

mascot stuffed animal review

Tobor 535 Review

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Vincent Review

mascot stuffed animal review

Timothy Review

stuffed animals in bulk
mascot stuffed animal review

Red Deer Review