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Plushies for a Cause

At Stuffed Animal Pros, we truly understand the hurdles that nonprofits leap through to make a positive change in the world, and we are here to help!  

We have worked with several amazing nonprofits to create custom plush dolls of their logos, mascots, and designs that have significant meaning to them. It is incredibly humbling to be a part of something so special, and we don't take it lightly!

Our hassle-free dedication to you starts with a quick, instant online quote. But feel free to reach out to our team directly to discuss any details. 

Get a 100% custom designed stuffed animal. Embroidery, screen print, and sublimation options available.

No Minimums

We can handle anything from 1 to 10,000+. We'll support and scale with you as your needs grow. 

Truly Custom

We create a one-of-a-kind custom stuffed animal from your original character.

#1 in Service

Your personal project manager ensures your plush is designed to your specs and delivered on time.

Give your supporters a huggable reminder of your cause

We are here to help you create awareness around your mission, while giving your supporters something unique and huggable! Everyone loves stuffed animals, but it's even more special when they are directly tied to a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. 

plushies for charity

We can accommodate any size order (from 50 - 50,000) and our custom plush dolls are available in 6" (small), 8" (regular), 12" (large), and 16" (maximum) and ship internationally.

non profit promotional stuffed animal from holton's heroes
non profit promotional stuffed animal from holton's heroes

Holton’s Heroes

Holton’s Heroes core mission is to help families after a child suffers a post-birth pediatric brain injury.  Families are able to apply to be one of “Holton’s Heroes” by simply visiting the charity’s site and applying. One of its ways to raise money is through Holton, the elephant stuffed animal. Budsies helped create the custom plush that spreads their mission!

To learn more about Holton’s Heroes click here.

non profit stuffed animal from casa de esperanza

Casa de Esperanza

Casa de Esperanza has been helping kids in crisis for the past 36 years. This amazing non-profit group is working hard every day to stop child abuse and neglect in its tracks. They are an essential resource that provides kids and families with residential programs and crisis treatment in the community. They wanted to "take the elephant" out of the room, which is what inspired their mascot, ‘Espy the Elephant’. 

Stuffed Animal Pros was proud to partner with this incredible nonprofit to bring their mission alive. Our team of designers turned the beautiful drawing of Espy the Elephant into a super-sized custom plush!

To learn more about the Casa de Esperanza click here.

non profit stuffed animal from casa de esperanza

Support Your Mission with a Custom Plush Doll

You can set your nonprofit on a new and exciting course by exploring Stuffed Animal Pros to bring your mission alive in the nonprofit sector. As always if you have more questions feel free to reach out to us!

How it Works

#1. Get an Instant Quote 
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Testimonials & Reviews

"My husband, Tony Azevedo, is a 5-time Olympian & Silver Medalist for water polo. We asked Stuffed Animal Pros to build us a stuffed animal dog wearing an Azevedo speedo (suit) and #8 USA water polo cap (Tony was always #8), so that we could sell them to raise funds for the Zarkovica Animal Shelter in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The shelter is basically one lady that lives on top of a mountain and takes care of over 300 dogs alone, with no support from the government. 

We are very grateful to Stuffed Animal Pros for helping us produce our first large shipment of #8 water polo puppies. From the very beginning, their customer service was excellent. They helped us develop our product carefully and worked patiently with us back and forth until every last detail was perfect. The puppies arrived quickly and are so cute and well-made. We will definitely continue to work with them in the future to produce more items." 

-Sara Azevedo


"The Positive Vibes Foundation is all about removing the stigma of mental illness in the community. As dogs play such an important role in our mental health, the Coco dog plushies represents our mascot and have been a great hit at all of our events! The kids love them!

As the Coco dogs often end up with children, we wanted a high quality plushie that would not come apart and be a danger to them and we love our plushies from Stuffed Animal Pros! We even made masks for some of them for our fundraising Masquerade Ball!"

-Mario Rodrigues
The Positive Vibes Foundation

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