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Custom plush for school events, teams & more!

What better way to rep your school spirit than with an adorable custom plush of your school or university mascot? We've worked with several different college & university groups, primary schools and more to bring their characters to life. 

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Get a 100% custom designed stuffed animal.

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Custom made from your designs. Embroidery, screenprint, and sublimation options available.

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Promote School Spirit Across Campus With a Custom Plush Of Your Mascot!

A mascot is an invaluable part of school and university life. Mascots help promote your brand both to students and the local community and deliver a message that you are proud of your school!

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“General” The Jaguar - Texas A&M University Mascot

Go Jaguars! General The Jaguar is the official mascot of Texas A&M University in San Antonio. But up until recently, General could only be seen on casual items and apparel around campus - binders, backpacks, shirts, hoodies, etc… Texas A&M was sick of boring, commonplace promotional items. So, they began looking for a more exciting and endearing way to celebrate their beloved mascot. Our talented team here at Stuffed Animal Pros was able to help the university design a very special, very huggable version of their mascot to help them spread school spirit across campus!

“Rocky” The Red Tailed Hawk - Montclair State University Mascot

Make a lasting impact like this apex predator with a look alike, custom plush of your school or university mascot. “Rocky” The Red Tailed Hawk has been the official mascot of Montclair State University since 1989.

Montclair wanted a unique way to promote and encourage school spirit and unity amongst students. So, they ordered 1,000 unstuffed plush look alikes of Rocky and plan on having their students work together to stuff the adorable plushies as a fun and exciting end-of-the-semester project!

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Knights Bear Mascot - St. Michael School

St. Michael is a private college which has become well known for its high standard of athletics and academics. So, it’s no surprise their standards would be equally as high when searching for a plush replica of their adorable mascot.

That’s why chose and trusted our talented team at Stuffed Animal Pros to help them out! We were so excited to be able to design, plushify and deliver 250 adorable plush renditions of their mascot to them!

Share Your Love Of The Arts & Support Extracurricular Activities On Campus With Custom Plushies For Your Departments!

Bass Drum - Harvard University Band Mascot

We have worked with many schools and universities across the country including several prestigious, ivy league universities. Harvard University is one of them!

The Harvard University Band was founded in 1919 with a commitment to excellence. The same commitment we give to all of our customers here at Stuffed Animal Pros. The band approached us about working with them back in December of 2018. They wanted to create a super unique “plush” version of their prominent bass drum. Our designers created and delivered 100 charming replicas. The adorable plush look alikes were so well loved by everyone at Harvard and in the surrounding community, they had sold out in just a matter of days. Needless to say, the band manager came back ready to place another order just a week later!

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UF Nutrition

Custom plushies are so versatile. Whether designing a custom plush of your official school mascot or working on a custom plush project for a specific department or sports team, our designers here at Stuffed Animal Pros have you covered!

In 2018, we “plushified” 4 super unique characters for the University of Florida’s “Nutrition Education Program.” They had created several children’s books centered around nutrition topics and were hoping to create stuffed animals of each of the main characters in the books. The books were designed to share the importance of proper hand washing and hygiene with children. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them and help them to share a very important message by creating 150 super cute plush pieces of each of their 4 designs!  

Make A Statement With A Custom Plush Mascot For Your Sorority Or Fraternity!

Abstract Bee - Omega Phi Alpha Sorority Mascot 

What better way to show off and represent the founding principles of your sorority or fraternity than with a custom, plush mascot? Omega Phi Alpha would certainly agree! They created this super cute abstract bee mascot as an updated version of a significant symbol from their history.

But, Omega Phi Alpha’s mascot wasn’t just designed to be cute! It was intended to signify the “service oriented” mindset of its’ members. We all know that honey bees are incredibly hard workers. They dedicate their entire lives to making honey! Just like bees, Omega Phi Alpha’s members are dedicated hard working and service oriented. We couldn’t think of a better way to show that off than with a plush mascot!

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Testimonials & Reviews

"Our college band has a very special mascot (an 8-foot-tall bass drum named Bertha) that we wanted to make into a stuffed animal for our 100th Renuion. 

We approached Stuffed Animal Pros with the idea and they were super happy to help! We ended up ordering 100 mini Berthas, but when we unveiled them to our alumni, they were so popular that we had to order 150 more!

Our contact, Lauren, was super receptive to feedback on the design and worked with us throughout the whole process. 

We couldn't be happier with the process and the result."

-The Harvard University Band


"We recently rebranded our national service sorority using the image of a bee. The bee has historical significance in the founding of our organization and signifies the service-oriented mindsest of our members. While current and bubbly, the new abstract bee logo provides a soft but professional identity for Omega Phi Alpha. 

We looked to Stuffed Animal Pros to produce a plush bee to acknowledge our volunterrs. Working with Stuffed Animal Pros was very simple. Our representatives were very responsive and reassuring every step of the way, especially since we were unsure of how the process would work. We reviewed sketches and samples of the bee in progress and could easily revise or update if needed - but the design was right-on from the start! 

Now we can offer our members a wonderful memento of the organization, thanks to Stuffed Animal Pros."

-Thea Moritz

Omega Phi Alpha Sorority


"Our plush cats have been a huge hit for our students and us! It's my son's favorite toy at the moment! Our students love that they are so soft, cuddly, and a cute reminder to keep them focused on their studies at hand so they, too, can be a doctor like Dr. Cat one day! 

Check out some of our favorite images below. We've had plush Dr. Cats all over the world!"

-Marteney Jacobs

Marketing and Social Media


Austin, TX